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Community Solutions

At the heart of successful partnerships is a shared understanding of values and vision coupled with a sense of integrity built on trust. SECTA is a strategic analysis framework that aligns values and visions, informs decision-making and supports the development of successful sustainable partnership.

SECTA combines three key sources of information:
  1. Service Strategy
  2. Estate Data
  3. Community needs

This information forms a base of knowledge that can be analysed to identify partnership activities that represent optimal value for money.

SECTA generates output actions based on clearly identified needs taking into account multiple viewpoints and considerations.

With a focus on driving value for money, SECTA identifies sustainable activities based on a balance of needs, affordability and long-term impact.

SECTA is flexible and scalable to suit the partnerships that it serves, from specialist Primary Care, Acute and Mental Health partnerships to multiple public sector participants. By changing the required context or emphasis under which information is gathered, SECTA can be tuned to respond to a broad range of requirements, driving value into large or small projects. Community Solutions has developed the SECTA model to provide a framework for activity that will continuously add value to the partnerships in which it is engaged.

Download the SECTA Brochure »